It’s not easy when you are spinning multiple plates between work and family life. Trying your best to keep on top of everything eventually takes its toll. Well that was my experience, working for one of New Zealand’s leading and successful corporate company’s alongside having a family.

However learning some very simple techniques, the ones I am going to share with you when you sign up, this gave me a platform to start achieving personal success and no longer living with that feeling of being pulled in all directions. I was so busy trying to please everyone else because I was allowing other peoples opinion of me to become my reality.

I learnt the hard way and that is why I am passionate about sharing with people how not to fall into that trap, but to realise the true potential that is within each and every one of us.

Discover simple techniques

And take control of your life to eliminate chaos, anxiety and stress.

Thank you Karen for your patience and your wise guidance as I acknowledged that having leadership thrust on me due to cultural, employment and Church pressures meant that I was only going through the motions. That as I didn't "deserve" to be a leader, that I couldn't and shouldn't enjoy or grow from the experiences. I was living my life according to what I "thought" others expected of me. The assessment (gulp) and our meaningful discussion opened my eyes (past the tears) to see the negatives simply as stepping stones. It was the start of a new journey which I still travel. Thank you Karen and blessings for the continued work you do!.

Emily L Hartson-Maea Snr Associate Taumata Law N.Z