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If you want to be intentional about achieving “personal success” in the areas of your life that matter most, I invite you to fill in the box on the right of your screen for a “no obligation” 30 minute FREE Discovery Session. We all have within us what we need to be successful, but we allow other people’s opinions to become our reality. If you feel this is where you are at in your life then I would love to hear from you. So just answer the questions below and fill in your details for your FREE 30 minute Discover Session.

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Get in contact now to see how you can be revitalized and take control of your life and enjoy the clarity that comes from eliminating chaos, anxiety and stress.

Karen Maxwell was assigned to working with me on a program to improve my business planning and goal setting. The program is very structured with set tasks that are required to be achieved from each meeting. I found Karen explained the program in practical terms, giving clear examples and explanations. She encouraged me to verbalise my understanding to ensure I had grasped the key points of the program. Her tuition and guidance was essential to ensuring I gained the most benefit for my business.

Jane Richardson Owner An Extra Pair of Hands Ltd N.Z
About Karen

karenmaxwellIt’s not easy when you are spinning multiple plates between work and family life. Trying your best to keep on top of everything eventually takes its toll. Well that was my experience, working for one of New Zealand’s leading and successful corporate company’s alongside having a family. However learning some very simple techniques, the ones I am going to share with you when you sign up, this gave me a platform to start achieving personal success and no longer living with that feeling of being pulled in all directions. I was so busy trying to please everyone else because I was allowing other peoples opinion of me to become my reality.

I learnt the hard way and that is why I am passionate about sharing with people how not to fall into that trap, but to realise the true potential that is within each and every one of us.